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StarterStudio is a pioneering hub for innovative and tech-enabled entrepreneurs that empowers and provides resources for entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators to begin, grow, and flourish in Florida. Through community education programs, accelerators, funding, and collaborative work spaces, StarterStudio fosters a community—serving as a platform for the ideas of the future.







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Startups Supported


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Why We Love Startups

Design has the ability to bring people together and create happiness in the process, and it’s no secret that it’s important to the SoFriendly team. I’ve been leading the marketing efforts at SoFriendly since the very beginning, and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come....

Florida Venture Ecosystem

The state of Florida is, by any measure, an economic powerhouse. The 2017 Florida GDP makes it the fourth most productive US state and would secure it a position as the sixteenth largest national economy, if Florida were treated as its own country. Despite this...

Downtown Orlando has evolved to become a hub for technology and startups

Downtown Orlando has evolved to become a hub for technology and startups. Through collaboration between local government and entrepreneurs, the area advances innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. This is one of the reasons startups are attracted to the area....

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