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StarterStudio is a pioneering hub for innovative and tech-enabled entrepreneurs that empowers and provides resources for entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators to begin, grow, and flourish in Florida. Through community education programs, accelerators, funding, and collaborative work spaces, StarterStudio fosters a community—serving as a platform for the ideas of the future.







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Startups Supported


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Remembering Pulse

On the second anniversary of the tragic mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in downtown Orlando, we pause to reflect on that day, as well as repost this written by our team member, Haley Fielding, on the occasion of the first anniversary. Though a year old, we still find...

The Short Story of Us

Once upon a time there was an entrepreneur.  This entrepreneur had done pretty well for themselves; started a business, worked hard to raise money and scale the business, and even fought the venture forces so the business could stay and grow in Florida.  He knew first...

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