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StarterStudio is a pioneering hub for innovative and tech-enabled entrepreneurs that empowers and provides resources for entrepreneurs, creatives, and innovators to begin, grow, and flourish in Florida. Through community education programs, accelerators, funding, and collaborative work spaces, StarterStudio fosters a community—serving as a platform for the ideas of the future.


Chris Whitlow | Founder & CEO | Edukate


Mag Boron | Founder & CEO | Pangian

Rudy J. Ellis | CEO | Switchboard Live

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Startups Supported


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Welcome to the Team. You Are on Probation!

Performance management is not what you think: an outdated, ineffective annual review meeting. Performance management happens every single day. No employee should ever show up at an annual review meeting and be surprised by the information being shared. Managers must...

Conflict Resolution At Work: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Q: As a small business owner, I am constantly dealing with conflict between my staff members. The conflict is never about anything major but takes up so much of my time. Why can’t everyone just get along?   A: The age old question of why can’t we all just get...

Press Release: StarterStudio Partners with Tampa Bay Wave to Win Grant That Will Address Early-Stage Capital Funding Gap

EDA grant and matching funds totaling $675,000 will be deployed to catalyze investment in high growth potential startups in the booming Orlando-Tampa tech corridor ORLANDO, Fla. – December 18, 2018 – StarterStudio, the nonprofit startup hub based in Orlando, Fla.,...

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