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All game-changing entrepreneurial journeys begin somewhere. Over 200 monumental tech founder stories have started in our start up accelerators – your story could be next in line.

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Your business success is our bottom line.

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, we’re mission driven – that means we want your business’s success, not your business’s money. We’re able to provide amazing opportunities for entrepreneurial education, coaching and startup business support in Central Florida and beyond thanks to generous support from local governments, academic institutions, corporate sponsors, and individuals.

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Idea to execution to success, StarterStudio builds founders from the ground up. Our intensive programs prepare you to build a business that stands the test of time. We know the way to success – let our three revolutionary Accelerator programs take you there. > two people meeting > brainstorming session > man pitching idea

Get started with our Idea Stage Accelerator.

Start strong with an unshakeable foundation. In this stage we’ll make sure your business idea solves a real and important problem, help you understand the ins and outs of the entrepreneurial journey and nail down your storytelling skills so you can tell anyone and everyone about your business with ease.

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Get building with our Build Stage Accelerator.

Transform your idea into a viable, sustainable business in our Build Stage Accelerator. Here you’ll learn how to build your business through customer acquisition to gain the early traction that outside capital looks for (and understand why this approach is so important).

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Get ready to grow with our Pre-Seed Stage Accelerator.

Rapid growth and scale are just around the corner. In our Pre-Seed Stage Accelerator, you’ll learn to navigate the world of venture capital, understand the factors that are vitally important to investors and develop winning pitches that inspire them to get on board with your business.

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Jump into Starter events and workshops.

Network and learn alongside Central Florida’s most innovative entrepreneurs and founders at our high energy events.


Support the future of tech.

To build founders, we need our community’s support. Only through the support of our local government grants, academic institution partnerships, corporate sponsors, and individual donors, can StarterStudio work to support the growth of entrepreneurial tech businesses, providing the lowest cost possible for expertly led instruction.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers, our tech founders pay less than 20% of what it costs us to deliver our programs.

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Keep up with our game-changing Starters.

From revolutionizing the way we do business to transforming our tech, our innovative Starters are a constant force for change in the entrepreneur community. Check out highlights from our network of alumni and current participants.

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Make your business work smarter with us.

Our team is ready to help guide you toward a more successful and exciting future for your business. Reach out today to get the ball rolling and become the world’s next big thing.

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