Alumni Spotlight: Home Lending Pal

Alumni Spotlight: Bryan Young at Home Lending Pal

As the third week into the Seed Stage program came to an end, we couldn’t help but notice all the progression and dedication each company presents. We are so ecstatic to introduce you all to Bryan Young, a young entrepreneur who ceases interest in the mortgage industry. He has over 17 years of conversion and business experience along with national recognized awards such as the Top 25 America’s Best Young Professional. That being so, one of Bryan’s motivations to have a successful company of his own is to continue doing some social good for others. Being that Bryan and his Co-founder Steven were impacted by unaffordable mortgage rates, loan approvals, and foreclosure, he plans to use his company to raise awareness on affordable home buying options. Furthermore, as an accelerator he is excited to continue learning more about networking as he’s found that it is essential to do so over the years. He states the following…

“Outside of knowledge, I’ve learned in my career that who you know is just as important to what you know. A key that the accelerators help you accelerate the process in meeting the right people and doing the right things instead of doing it all on your own.”

What is Home Lending Pal?

Home Landing Pal assures you mortgage answers without buying pressure. In fact, it is the first AI-Powered Mortgage Advisor to advocate for affordable home ownership. As of right now no one in the market has launched a company that merges your data to educate you on your most affordable home buying options, streamline pre-approval, and even illustrate financial impact based on your own lifestyle.

“Ways you can actually put yourself in a better financial situation to understand things like hidden costs, property insurance, taxes, home association fees etc.”

Home Landing Pal is connected to over 10,000 banks and have partnerships with IBM, Zillow, and Equifax. This online platform simplifies the home buying process for just about anyone, and you can be one of the first ones to try it out! When interviewing Bryan, he also mentioned an artificial intelligence tool used behind Home Landing Pal known as Kev. This service is an additional aid that provides answers and educate the customer on mortgage options to save some money. This automated advice not only allows you to be a successful home buyer but identifies any red flags before actually applying for a mortgage. Therefore, just like any other entrepreneur Bryan had a motive or a reason why he wanted to start his journey. Specifically, his own motive was to find value in what he does.

“The biggest part is not looking at it as how can I make money? It’s more so at how can I see a problem that is there and provide value to solve that problem for those that are involved.’’

Reflection of StarterStudio

When it comes to StarterStudio, Bryan is very appreciative for all the things he’s been able to learn so far in the seed program. First of all, he mentioned how one of the reasons why he decided to participate in the program was mainly to learn how to deal with investors. To do so, he’s planning on learning their language which would allow him to communicate with not only investors but other entrepreneurs and vendors. So far, he claims to be doing just that and more.

“Even though there’s a lot of time allocated to StarterStudio’s meetings, you can immediately see that while labor intensive it’s going to be valuable. Regardless of how much success you’ve had there’s still a lot you can learn about business in general with StarterStudio as the market is constantly changing.”

He practices his entrepreneurial communication skills as most of his days consists of networking with partners and vendors. Therefore, even though he knew StarterStudio was going to be a lot of work, he is determined to learn and overcome any obstacle that comes his way.

“I’ve been a part of other programs and other than a name it really doesn’t do much for you but this program is definitely not the case. They’re teaching, you’re getting knowledge, and you really have to focus in on what the conversations entail so because of that this experience makes it more valuable.”

If you are interested in learning more about Home Lending Pal feel free to visit their website to find more information and in-depth articles or videos on all real estate activity. Also, make sure to join HPL’s waitlist to be able to get a notification once they have launched later this June: