The New Normal: Opportunities in the Healthcare Space

Speaker: Tom Cooke

As the whole world experienced COVID-19, we cannot help but realize how this pandemic has provided lots of new opportunities for entrepreneurs. The change of environment that the pandemic has caused has raised opportunities in public health and situational awareness more than ever before. Based on the session conducted by a healthcare industry veteran known as Tom Cooke, he shares requirements about situational awareness, how to control situational awareness, and how to deliver social determinants of health.

“Situational awareness is an area where there’s a lot of opportunity for rising entrepreneurs today” – Tom Cooke

To be specific, this session focused on the essential infrastructure requirements for addressing this pandemic as we return to the workplace to support: symptom checking, triage of site of care, clinical capacity exchange, track and tracing, support of quarantined patients in their homes, and to draw comparisons to requirements for managing chronic disease and short term disability with these same infrastructure and the benefits for health plans, providers, and employers.

As we all know, some of the COVID-19 care initial requirements such as social distancing is still largely unmet. One of the main things Cooke spoke about is how as entrepreneurs we need to accelerate ideas to return back into the work force by using some platform to make sure that our employees are returning symptom free. A symptom tracker is a perfect example that can be routinely used on a regular daily basis to determine if you are ready to come back to work. However, if an employee has been exposed to COVID-19, then it is essential to make sure that all of the employers have all the resources needed as an aid and so much more. Additionally, it is also important to note and make sure that all the employees are treated the same and receiving all the benefits from a smart device such as the one described.

“Even after the vaccine, these infrastructures changes that we are making in managing care will create significant long-term benefits and opportunities” – Tom Cooke

Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur and are seeking opportunities in the healthcare space, feel free to connect with Tom Cooke via LinkedIn as he is actively seeking advisory roles;