Telling Your Story – Clear, Concise, Compelling

As the Seed Stage program consists of reaching many milestones such as developing skills to lead a high growth tech company, it is also important to perfect your pitch along with telling your story effectively. As you can already imagine, this past week, Seed 5 experienced a perfect presentation on how to do just that. To be specific, the presentation consisted of essential communication tips that will serve as a pillar to build upon any interaction whether it’s a form of pitch or a conversation with an investor. Not to mention, that this particular discussion also leads onto what you should include for a pitch, the organization, and most importantly how each individuals pitch can be different. Therefore, in regard to communication essentials, it is evident to internalize that with each interaction or opportunity you must take advantage of leaving the right impression.  

“You have to make the right first impression, but you also have to make a consistent impression every time you meet with them.”

For that reason, the speaker emphasized that within all your comments, you need to make sure that you are reasonable and nonjudgmental on things, that you are rational, pragmatic, and most importantly that you establish credibility. Furthermore, a few additional points on communication essentials are the following: being sure that your conversation with an individual allows them to understand your passion towards the situation, planning the order of your points carefully, avoid controversy, and always leave them curious about further details.

Additionally, the pitch element should include 6 simple points. To begin, you need to identify a relevant problem and establish your solution for the particular problem. Secondly, identify what solution your company has developed and its functions. Along with how the market is looking like, what technology is being used, the financial opportunity, and of course the plan to scale or implementation plan.

“The art of being able to pitch either in a pitch amount in community events or pitching the investor is something is something that you will walk out with after this program.”