Optimizing Social Media (Marketing)

Speaker: Ayasha Giarratana

Ayasha Giarratana is a highly skilled digital marketing manager with a great understanding of paid media, social media, SEO, email, photography, and analytics. For the past eleven years she has increased her skills in digital marketing through a variety of industries from import and export, tourism, counseling, nonprofits, startups, and so much more! Not to mention, she also established her own digital marketing company along with her husband. Their company is known as Strategy Beam, which provides a variation of services that range from freelance copywriting, PPC management, social media management, brand management, and SEO marketing. Therefore, as she knows the ins and outs of the online marketing scene, during her presentation she focused on 5 main topics: optimizing digital marketing – things to consider before starting, pros and cons of major publishers, optimizing PPC, optimizing social media, and finally optimizing SEO and your website.

With that being said, based on Giarratana strategic planning, things to consider before getting started are the following: where to market, how your budget plays a major role, testing it, and conducting keyword research. It is essential to understand that you do not have to market everywhere, in fact the best option is to focus on one place to start your company’s expansion through the growing process. Also, budgeting also plays a major role in digital marketing because it ensures that you are indeed staying on top of your ball game and staying right on target with your costs. Additionally, testing your digital marketing is also important to not only observe how it goes but because you really never know what could happen. With keyword research it allows you to find and analyze searched terms that people enter daily to understand seasonality to help with paid media.

“The words you use on your page and content matter, it is a huge factor in how you rank your website” – Ayasha Giarratana

Furthermore, she emphasizes on the pros and cons with some of the major publishers such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. As you can imagine, the pro with Google is that their market share of 92%, the fact that there is no graphics needed, and query-focused.