StarterStudio engages the tech community with various recurring events, including pitch nights, lunch & learns, workshops, and many more. These events give participants the opportunity to network, learn new skills, dive deep into subject areas, and connect with  peers.

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Recurring Events

Pitch Nights
Once a month, we assemble the community to exchange innovative, new ideas. From quick elevator pitches in an open-mic forum, to formal, investor-ready presentations, all presenters get immediate constructive feedback from a diverse and supportive crowd. Participants get the chance to network with mentors, founders, and potential investors as they tap into the tech ecosystem.
Lunch & Learns
From marketing and branding to financial projections, anyone can learn a new skill every week by attending our lunch talks. Local subject matter experts present on a variety of topics helpful to company growth. Speaking opportunities allow for local firms to engage and educate the tech community.
Entrepreneurs need a deep dive into subject areas such as lean business models, customer discovery, pitching to investors or leadership development. We have hands-on, interactive workshops to help them identify and solve their biggest gaps.

Upcoming Events



Virtual (Zoom)

[VIRTUAL] How to Grow Your Business Without Taking Anyone Else’s Money

Katie Hohman
This webinar will give you a more detailed understanding on why bootstrapping your company can be better in the long run; not only for the founder, but also for the company’s growth, direction and focus. Prepare to take a detailed look at a conservative approach on how to get your company to the next level without anyone else’s money.

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