Delegation Redefined: Extraordinary Productivity and a Unified Team

Speaker: Giana Cambria

This particular webinar focused on the psychological groundwork for delegation to be effective. With the guidance of Giana, everyone in the audience became informed and took away many helpful tips as Giana shared her own personal experiences with delegation burnout. To be specific, Giana explained how she has witnessed many individuals at her “corporate” day job encounter burnout just because they are individuals who are considered as a “doers”, someone who wants to do everything themselves. With that being said, Giana leads and teaches others to achieve their dreams and scale quickly by building effective teams. Additionally, she shared a quote that made her realize that as entrepreneurs we tend to want to do everything our own but that’s not how leadership is supposed to be, instead you need to rely on your team.

“You don’t build a business. You build people. And then people build the business” – Zig Ziglar  

Throughout the webinar, many takeaways were the following: learning more about the psychological shifts required to effectively manage priorities, how to confidently and successfully gain success as a unified team, and how to easily automate repetitive processes within your workflow and gain back hours of time. As entrepreneurs, it is easy to say that time is extremely limited, and it is important to prioritize and play to our strengths in order to move quickly. However, is it true for a need of delegation as entrepreneurs? Giana shares the true meaning of delegation as “handing out tasks and not supporting their execution.” In other words, delegation can in fact cause micromanagement, a higher turnover rate, and can be the fastest way to lose respect from the team around you. Nevertheless, Giana emphasizes on the importance of slight differences that can lead to empowerment although the philosophy of the reasoning behind delegating is the same. Through empowerment it puts someone else in charge, plays to strengthens of others, and grows your team’s skillset!

“When you delegate, you rely on the team to set up; when you empower, the team relies on you to step up” – Giana Cambria

Overall, Giana truly opens the eyes of all entrepreneurs to understand that DIY can be your worst enemy. At the end, if you don’t learn to get delegate correctly you can experience burnout, poor culture, dysfunctional team, and the state of stagnation.

“If it is a one-time task that you have time to teach it, delegate it!” – Giana Cambria