Choose Co-founders The Way You Would Choose a Spouse

Choose co-founders the way you would choose a spouse.

         — Entrepreneur & author Danielle Newnham

What do Ronald Wayne, Garret Camp, David Filo, and Martin Eberhard have in common? All four are not-so-famous co-founders of Apple, Uber, Yahoo!, and Tesla. Sure, they may not have gotten all the limelight, but if somebody asked you to join them on a heart-pounding, exhilarating, life-changing, technology-disruptive journey, could you say “no”?

Core founders look for co-founders to supplement their skills. Coders gravitate to growth hackers with a vision that equals theirs. Founders who can draw a cocktail napkin diagram of all the pieces and parts that will make their idea trump other competitors, hunt for the guy or gal who can see their vision—and make it happen.

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Co-founders, of all stripes, are often down just to help. To make things they “get” of the idea come to fruition. They know it’s going to be a roller coaster ride, and they may be getting the seat next to the original founders but doesn’t matter. You both are going to experience the ride of your lives.

Not to get too fanciful here, but there’s a reason for John AND Paul, Adam AND Eve, Larry AND Sergey.

Partners are often smarter, together. Like any good marriage, the give and take of building something meaningful can be fantastic. As one savvy observers notes, “Two brains, one goal.”

A co-founder de-risks the enterprise for potential investors. Starting up can be captured in one simple phrase, “it’s really hard.” A co-founder helps distribute the work—and the stress.There’s a reason that many top-notch incubators (including StarterStudio) suggest a co-founder is a key element to startup success. Y Combinator reviewed its own data of its top 100 companies, only four came to YC without a co-founder.

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Just remember, if you do find your co-founder, if you have a fight about how to load the dishwasher, it’s never about the dishwasher . . .

Good luck and see you June 7!