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Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Dauble at

Things in the Seed Stage program have already amped up and companies are showing remarkable progress as we move into week three. A particular company we have chosen to follow is with Jordan Dauble. One of the companies that applied, got interviewed and accepted into the Seed Stage program. is a software company with the goal of connecting traditional gaming technologies with simulation and geospatial visualization.  The company makes highly specialized tools that developers in virtual training, geospatial intelligence, and autonomous vehicle markets can utilize. Jordan has always been into computer graphics and games, and it was the driving force behind him getting into software development. Jordan hopes that the tools developed at will help innovate certain markets and bring with it new value for the consumer. In reference to the autonomous vehicle markets, Jordan states that the tools developed at play a direct role in the potential for saving lives.

One of the challenges the market faces is how to “teach” these cars how to react in life-threatening situations. A mistake made by the complex algorithms can cause injury or death for those involved. By utilizing traditional video game technologies like unity or unreal and paring it with geospatial data can create hyper-realistic simulations for these autonomous vehicles to practice in. An example of their tools in practice has been realized over the years as they have applied their technology to a prototype for the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment One World Terrain initiative and a small business research contract for the U.S. Air Force.

While being in the StarterStudio Idea Stage program, Jordan stated that the most important thing he learned was understanding business modeling and finding a product-market fit. Since being accepted into the StarterStudio Seed Stage, much of the program’s focus has been on reducing risks and learning how to pitch to investors. Being a part of StarterStudio has let him network a lot as well, and he has come to know the startup and technology scene very well.