Alumni Spotlight: She Plays

Alumni Highlight: Ashley Hart at She Plays

‍As the beginning of another seed accelerator program begins, we would like to introduce one of our newest founders, Ashley Hart. Just like many other entrepreneurs and CEO’s, one of her motivations to continue striving for a successful company is to become her own boss. As Ashley mentioned during her interview, she has never started her own company before but has experienced running a non-profit industry. However, she had to admit that even though she was responsible of many aspects of the non-profit organization, it is totally different from creating her own company. Nonetheless,

Ashley full heartedly had to admit that “Once you are your own boss, you won’t want to go back”.

Furthermore, one of her main reasons to start her company was to create a company that helped the community in ways no other company has done before. She sought many instances and cases that have been brought up to her attention through the media as there was an emphasis on women getting paid less than males while playing the same sport. Therefore, we are so happy to introduce SHE PLAYS!

What is She Plays?

She Plays is a Fantasy Sport hub focused on all of your favorite U.S women’s sports leagues! This platform serves as a tool for not only those who are interested in fantasy sports but those who are interested to change the landscape of sports for women in the United States. She Plays is committed to use their platform for more media attention and display on US women’s professional sports leagues. Nevertheless, that’s not all She Plays has to offer! In fact, in addition to their fantasy sports they have included interesting podcasts, blogs, and offer unique games to stay engaged. She Plays has also committed to give back to partners by providing revenue from partnerships like the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) and United States Women’s Football League (USWFL).

As Ashley discussed her motivations to have a successful company, it was easy to recognize that one of her main goals is “to make people understand that women are worth investment.”

With that being said, Ashley is currently focused to grow her team and establish ways to start moving towards the right direction by staying productive and positive during the month of June.

Reflection on StarterStudio

With the help from StarterStudio, Ashley has felt as so that StarterStudio has most definitely led her to success with her company. From the moment she participated in “Idea-ation”, she became more interested in learning how to grow professionally, making connections, networking, and learning more from her mentor.

However, she states “the sense of community was the reason why I became more and more interested in StarterStudio.”

Therefore, now as a Seed Stage Accelerator participant, she believes that the informative webinars hosted from StarterStudio always have a food variety of content even during times of uncertainty.

“Proud to represent Orlando. Proud to represent StarterStudio and being surrounded by such a great community. So grateful for everything… wouldn’t have want it any other way.”

If there is anything that you have found interesting throughout this blogpost, feel free to subscribe to She Plays to stay informed of upcoming fantasy sports, podcasts, and blogs. Keep a look out for their newest additions of fantasy sports: Soccer tournament game this June: