“Adaptability to Change”- The Secret Sauce for Survival and Growth

Shan Shanbhag, Ph.D.
Mentor and Business Development Advisor
Shanbhag Enterprises

The key to managing change is – adaptability!

Change can be daunting, even if we have experienced it many times. Especially these days, it seems to be happening every minute. You blink, and something new already happened. Most of the time it is unpleasant and depressing. Changes also can happen to any organization. What you are doing now may not be appropriate five years from now. When these changes happen, you must be prepared. Your key to “Managing Change is Adaptability.” 

“The Change” is the only constant. The origins of the sayings are unknown, but the idea goes back thousands of years to the ancient philosophers of both the West and the East. It’s even truer today, in an age of unprecedented change.

Think of all the upheavals that have happened in recent years, including Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. And think of all the transformations likely to accelerate in the years ahead: global warming, artificial intelligence, automation, genetic modification, the gig economy and, ever-evolving consumer buying behavior, especially Millennial and Gen Z; the list goes on and on.

Now more than ever, happiness and success are a matter of rolling with the changes the world throws your way and playing an active role in making change happen in your own life.

But how do you do that? 

At the broadest level, truly thriving in constant change means putting change at the core of what you do. It means a shift in mindset, assumptions, and expectations. Rather than feeling stressed, or unmoored when change hits, you are ready for it. Instead of chasing an illusion of control, you have clarity on what matters.” Put mindset before strategy.” All too often, leaders assume that change can be “managed” and controlled as if in a vacuum. Change management books abound and feed this narrative.

But today’s world is in flux, change management is insufficient. We have before us a new set of opportunities-new urgency- for navigating change well. Leaders and businesses need to radically reshape their relationship to uncertainty to sustain a healthy and productive outlook. As we look forward to a future in which the only “steady state” is one of more change. It is time to open your flux mindset, upgrade your organization’s “flux-capacity,” and prepare to thrive in constant change. 

Now we can all understand why “The Secret Sauce for Survival and Growth is Adaptability to Change.”

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