Idea Stage

This 6-week Idea Stage Accelerator pushes you to validate and test your business idea by talking to stakeholders and potential customers and building a sustainable business plan. This program requires one evening a week for the program after business hours.


About the Program

The focus of the StarterStudio® Idea Stage program, a 6-week TECH accelerator, is to help the entrepreneurial-minded get started. We help validate your tech business idea - what is the problem and is there a sustainable and repeatable solution (Problem/Solution Fit); collect substantial feedback from potential customers and their market; understand the entrepreneurial journey and its challenges; and learn how to communicate effectively about your business idea. The questions you are answering in this program are – “Am I solving a real and important problem?” “Do people want my solution, and are they willing to pay for it?” and “Can I create a viable business solving this problem?” APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, June 2, 2023 | PROGRAM START DATE: Wednesday, June 14, 2023 | PROGRAM END DATE: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Idea Stage Accelerator

6 Week Program

Program benefits


  • Learn Lean Startup methods and tools
  • Learn how your strengths and personality fit with being an Entrepreneur 
  • Learn how to conduct Customer Discovery conversations with potential customers to understand their pain points
  • Learn how to complete a Value Proposition Canvas to determine your Product/Solution Fit
  • Identify what your Ideal Customer Segments are, your market, and your competition
  • Learn how to acquire, keep, and grow customers; how to message them; and where to find them - your Channel
  • Learn how to present the Problem you are solving and your Solution using pitching fundamentals

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Idea Stage




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