Build Stage

This 90-day, 100% virtual, accelerator focuses on how to build and run a sustainable business and create a successful go-to-market strategy.


About the Program

So you’ve spent hours talking to potential customers, built your MVP, proven your business model, and you’re wondering, now what? How do I get to the next level!? In the Build Stage, you will learn how to build, sustain, and grow your business through customer acquisition rather than reliance on outside capital. This bootstrapping approach is increasingly overlooked as a means of success, but the most important source of validation and capital along a continuum of growth.

Build Stage Accelerator
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Program benefits


  • Define your go-to-market strategy
  • Create a messaging strategy for impressing, engaging, and closing new customers
  • Solidify your personal, long-term goals as a founder
  • Develop strategies for marketing, sales, and hiring
  • Determine your process for onboarding new clients, customers and partners
  • Gain a deeper understanding of business law, contracts, business structures, and financial models
  • Understand how to measure your success and risks in your business, using key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Create your perfect customer pitch!!


Build Stage


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