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What is the StarterStudio Fund?

Our mission is simple. We want to make our community a better place by building our technology entrepreneur ecosystem and attract technology companies, technology jobs and increase access to risk capital. Through education and enlisting our community to mentor support and fund our Starters we can create a diverse technology center that will provide opportunities for growth and economic development.

Our seed stage Accelerator 2.0 is a mentor-led program focused on early-stage growth and capturing market share. We invest between $25,000 and $225,000 in each of the tech companies accepted to the program. The amount invested is dependent on the company reaching milestones determined by a panel of key partners, mentors, and our board. Companies who are accepted will have access to programs and mentors in the accelerator that will drive their success. The program concludes with a day-long Investor Showcase, drawing investors from across the Eastern seaboard and beyond.

While Central Florida has established a foundational infrastructure of programs and facilities to support regional entrepreneurs, there is still a severe shortage of seed and early-stage capital in the region. Florida is in a virtual tie as the third largest state in the U.S., yet Florida was ranked 10th in total venture capital raised for 2013. Even worse, Florida’s technology entrepreneurs face a particularly severe shortage of seed- and early-stage investment resources. Florida ranks 18th in seed-early stage capital investments – a mere 1⁄2 % of the total U.S. seed and early-stage capital invested in 2013.

StarterStudio’s funding arm directly addresses the critical gap in seed funding that is the largest barrier faced by Florida’s technology entrepreneurs. Funding will be available to any Central Florida technology company, but extra emphasis will be placed on applicants that have completed the StarterStudio Accelerator 1.0 or University of Central Florida I-Corps program.

What is a Starter?

In the book REWORK, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson discourage the use of the term “entrepreneur.”

“Everyone should be encouraged to start [their] own business, not just some rare breed that self-identifies as entrepreneurs.”

Instead they recommend the term “Starter” to describe anyone doing what they love on their own terms by starting a business in order to actualize a far-reaching, positive change.

Who should apply?

Anyone who wants to take their company to the next level. You might have an idea, a prototype, or a product that needs some focus and guidance.

We are here to create a robust and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join us.

We’re creating a collaborative environment, where all the teams will be encouraged to help each other. If you feel like you have “most” of what you need to create your product we hope you might apply to our next class. Applications will open soon, please check back soon for more information.

What does it cost?

Nothing. We will give you desk space, resources, amenities, and our time at no cost to you. No equity unless we invest $$$ into your startup, like it should be.

Accelerator 2.0

Seed-Stage Growth and Funding
Six months of mentorship, $25,000 in funding, desk space in downtown Orlando, access to venture capital funders and education to get you further, faster. Companies in Central Florida with early traction and revenue should apply today!

Thanks to our Sponsors for Their Continuing Support

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