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Ideation Stage Accelerator

Do you have an idea for a tech-enabled business burning inside you? Great! You have found the right home where you can hothouse your new venture. Our lean-methods based Ideation Stage Accelerator propels founders like you from cocktail napkin idea to a Minimum Viable Product that you can take to market in just 12 short (but very intensive!) full-time weeks. Ask any of our Starter graduates. Our goal is to create an optimal environment for Starters at their earliest stages, break down impediments to building out an idea, and give you the education and tools to go further and farther than you could on your own. Starters progress through a tested curriculum covering everything from business models and intellectual property law to funding and building a team. You get access to our collaborative works spaces (and believe us, the potential collaborators abound), ongoing mentorship and preparation for the equally delightful and daunting pitch deck for your “final exam”—Demo Day in front of hundreds of supporters, business and civic leaders, and maybe a mom or two. And did we mention, free coffee, snacks and an occasional WineDown or craft brew competition? Did we mention perhaps the most important thing? The whole program is free, gratis, no-charge and the equity stake we take is the same: zero, zilch, nada! You can bet it is a competitive application process for the two classes we hold each year. Check out our stats on the homepage to see how many startups we’ve helped, the jobs they are providing, and the funding they have garnered since graduation. As they say on the recruitment posters, “We Want You!”


Seed Stage Accelerator

This is a six-month, part-time mentorship-led accelerator focused on early stage growth, capturing market share and getting tech companies investment-ready. Our nonprofit fund tied directly to our Seed Stage Accelerator invests up to $25,000 in each of the companies accepted into the program. The amount invested is dependent on the company reaching crucial milestones as determined by a panel of key partners, mentors, and our board. Companies accepted into the program will have access to programming and been-there-done-that mentors that will drive their success. The program culminates with a day-long Investor Showcase, drawing investors from across the Eastern seaboard and beyond. Seed Stage Accelerator was created to help young companies poised for a step-change in their growth to cross the perilous gap in funding often seen at this stage. We help them to attract funding beyond the friends, family, and a credit card or three that sustained them in the earliest stages, as well as rapidly mature their management teams for the rapid growth ahead. Hint: many of the teams accepted in Seed Stage Accelerator started their startup journey in our Ideation Stage Accelerator program. Admittance to the program is highly competitive. Ready to launch a hockey-stick of growth? Accelerate with us.

What is a Starter?
In the book REWORK, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson discourage the use of the term “entrepreneur.”

“Everyone should be encouraged to start [their] own business, not just some rare breed that self-identifies as entrepreneurs.”

Instead they recommend the term “Starter” to describe anyone doing what they love on their own terms by starting a business in order to actualize a far-reaching, positive change.

Who should apply?
Anyone who wants to take their company to the next level. You might have an idea, a protoype or a company poised for its next stage of growth.

We are here to create a robust and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join us.

We’re creating a collaborative environment where teams are encouraged to help each other. If you feel like you have “most” of what you need to create your product or advance an existing company, we hope you will apply to be a part of one of our next accelerator classes. Applications will open soon, please check back for more information.

What does it cost?
Nothing. We will give you desk space, resources, amenities, and our time at no cost to you. No equity unless we invest $$$ into your startup, like it should be.

ideation stage accelerator

This is a three month program designed to take starters from idea to MVP.  Starters will learn everything from business model designs to funding and building a team. 

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