Performance management is not what you think: an outdated, ineffective annual review meeting.

Performance management happens every single day. No employee should ever show up at an annual review meeting and be surprised by the information being shared. Managers must have performance conversations often, even with tip performing employees. Regular performance conversations should occur with all employees monthly as a minimum, and more often for new hires, those in new roles, or those experiencing change or challenges in their role.

These conversations can be as short as 15 minutes over a cup of coffee: What is going well, What is not going well, What can I help you with?

Even the best of the best need to be engaged in order to know that you value them and acknowledge their awesomeness. This also helps prevent the best of the best from walking out your door, leaving you with the poor or average performing employees.

About the Author:

Wendy Sellers “The HR Lady” has over 20 years’ experience in HR, corporate culture and leadership development in all size business (local startup to global enterprise) in a wide variety of industries. As your realistic, witty and energetic consultant, Wendy is authentic and transparent – above all, she keeps it real. She is honest, loyal and direct – there is never any sugar coating!

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